Crowns fit over unsightly or badly broken down teeth to provide complete coverage – restoring strength, shape and aesthetics, and protecting the root. They offer an effective restorative treatment for broken teeth, those with a large filling or those weakened by extensive decay. They can also be used to attach to a dental implant or as support for a bridge or denture.

We offer a range of options regarding the materials used to make your crowns, including porcelain bonded crowns, all porcelain, e-max ceramic and precious metals such as gold shell crowns. We also offer a personalised laboratory service for e-max crowns and use a very talented laboratory technician who will meet with you to discuss colour matching and the shape of your crown.

The treatment and fitting process

  • We prepare your tooth by removing a layer of the outer surface so the crown will fit comfortably.
  • We take impressions (moulds) of the prepared tooth and note the shade of your natural teeth so a realistic looking crown can be produced.
  • To protect your prepared tooth between appointments, we cover it with a temporary restoration.

Before and After


It is wise to avoid overly sticky foods straight after a crown fitting, but after a day or so, you will be able to eat, drink and brush your teeth as normal. Just take a little care because, even though a crown is made from a strong material, it may break if subjected to unnecessary force. So don’t open anything with your teeth and try not to bite your nails or chew pen tops.

Treatment Video

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